Full Service Management


Board of Directors Support

          Coordinate and Attend Regular Board of Director’s Meetings

          Coordinate and Attend Annual Meetings             

          Coordinate and Attend Special Meetings

          Attend ACC/ARC Meetings as required

          Be an Active Participant in Discussions and Provide Guidance at a Level that is Desired by Board

          Provide sound advice and recommendations relating to Law and Government Regulations

          Prepare Meeting Minutes in Cooperation of the Association Secretary

          Implement the Decisions of the Board


          Manage the day-to-day Operations of the Community

          Perform Regular Assessments of the Association’s Property and Condition and Replacement Schedule

          Use our “Buying Power” to Obtain Competitive Estimates and Bids for Projects and Jobs

          Manage and Review Performance of Contractors and Vendors Providing Service to Association

          Manage Homeowner Complaints and Issues

          Perform Monthly Covenant Violation Inspections of the Neighborhood, Generate Appropriate Correspondence and Follow-up with Homeowners

          Act as an Emergency Contact for all Issues Related to the Association

          Process and Review ACC/ARC Modification Requests and Coordinate with a Committee as Needed

          Prepare and Deliver all Correspondence with Membership, Contractors and Vendors

          Provide a Monthly Management Report to the Board of Directors Outlining all Issues

          Review and Obtain Competitive Insurance for the Association and Directors and Officers

          Insure Proper Compliance with State Corporate Registration of Association

          Facilitate Proper Communication with Association Attorney regarding all Association Matters

          Gate Access and Control Where needed

          Assist with Website Development when Requested

          Coordinate Clubhouse and Facilities Scheduling as Needed


          Prepare and Recommend an Annual Budget for Board Consideration and Approval

          Provide an Accurate Monthly Financial Report for Every Director

          Process Accurately all Accounts Payable for Association Business

          Prepare and Collect all Association Dues and Assessments Required (Accounts Receivable)

          Annual preparation of 1099 Forms for all required contractors

          Facilitate and Coordinate Annual State and Federal Tax Returns with Tax Preparer

          Bank Account Reconciliation and Balancing

          Manage the Collection Process on Delinquencies

          Interpret and Predict Financial Issues based on Trends and Suggest Solutions

          Analyze and Advise on Reserve Fund Issues

          Maintain Accurate Homeowner Records



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